KSOP GGPoker: Leandro Shymansk beats Mega Stack

Leandro Shymansk Turns HU to Caio Kopke After Two...

Leandro Shymansk’s first KSOP GGPoker winner has a very special story. The player from Brasilia entered Mega Stack with a buy-in of BRL 1,500 and faced a complicated situation with 113 participants. Heads-up, the final act of the tournament, he had two big blinds remaining and still had the largest crowd at the final table.

Shymansk came back strong and won the title for R$ 31,500. «It’s always great to win, isn’t it? We came all the way from Brasilia just to get a little trophy and it’s nice to go home with a trophy. Also, you’re playing against the crowd so it’s more fun ’ said the winner.

He also explains what he does with Poker relationship: «I’m a recreational player, but I’m trying to learn so I don’t embarrass myself and work towards my goals, win and who knows?, maybe hit the jackpot.»

The final table of the tournament took an interesting twist. This structure made for a tighter match, with the first knockout event lasting more than 30 minutes, making the average blinds very short at just 6 blinds. When Laerte Rodrigues saw the end of the flag, the final table went into overdrive mode and it took just over an hour for Leandro to win.

Technically, the heads-up started with about 11 blinds to tie Leandro’s 9’s and Caio’s 9’s. Initially, Kopke went all-in with K7 against AT preflop, eventually Kopke found the K on the turn and secured the title. However, Leandro won three all-ins in a row to tie the game.

It was his day when an all-in with Q9 against A5 and a Q on the turn caused Leandro to keep Caio in the game. The opposite situation to the first game. But with no room to turn, 66 coin tosses to K7 allowed Shymansk to celebrate victory.

«On the first all-in, I dominated with AT and hit a T on the flop, but the crowd.» I called my opponent’s K and finally made it. Then I had two blinds, but we were back in the game. It just gives me more fun and better wins, doesn’t it? ’ he concluded.

Check out the final table prizes:

1. Venue – Leandro Shymansk – R$ 31,500

Second Famous place – Caio Kopke – 22,000 R$

Third place – Saulo de Conti – 15,500 reais

4. – Lucas Caldat – R$11,050

5. – Luis Paolo Bastos – R$ 8,600

6. – Rogerio Santos – R$6,870

7. – Alberto Gui Marães – BRL 5,500

8. – Jorge Brollo – BRL 4,600

9. Location – Laerte Rodrigues – R$ 3,900

Leandro Shymansk Turns HU to Caio Kopke After Two...

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  • This text describes the triumph of Leandro Shymansk in the KSOP GGPoker tournament, highlighting his comeback from having only two big blinds remaining. Despite the difficulties faced, Shymansk’s determination led him to win the title and the prize money.

  • This text describes Leandro Shymansk’s impressive comeback in the Mega Stack tournament, where he overcame a difficult situation with just two big blinds and emerged as the winner, taking home a prize of R$ 31,500. It showcases his determination and highlights the enjoyment he derives from playing poker.

  • This text describes Leandro Shymansk’s impressive comeback in the Mega Stack tournament, where he started with only two big blinds but ultimately won the title. Shymansk’s determination and success showcase the excitement and satisfaction of winning in poker.

  • The text tells the exciting story of Leandro Shymansks’ big win at the KSOP GGPoker tournament, despite facing a tough situation with only two big blinds. His determination and skill paid off as he ended up winning the title and going home with a significant cash prize. It’s a great example of the excitement and unpredictability that comes with poker tournaments.

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